Qua-Routine: Top Tips To Get On Top Of Your New Routine While Stuck At Home

Qua-Routine: Top Tips To Get On Top Of Your New Routine While Stuck At Home

Right now the whole world – or the majority of it – is in lockdown and quarantining at home. 

While it might sounds like an opportunity to have more time on our hands – and for some people for sure is – for others this quarantine is making the time available for self-care even more challenging to find. Childcare, home schooling, making sure that your older parents have food and medicine since they can’t leave the house, working from home…You know what I am talking about. 

And even if you suddenly found yourself quarantining on your own, things can be challenging and mental health issues can kick in. 

It is very important that we find a new routine as quickly as possible and adapt the space we have to make it a productive and lovely place to be in.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Buy some scented candles and air freshener
  • Make sure you make your bed and open the windows to change air in the rooms every day
  • Change your clothes, as appealing as it might sound to stay in your Pj all day could subconsciously make you less productive
  • Shower before you start your day and keep a good self-hygiene (beside washing your hands)
  • Stick to your working hours as much as possible, or if you need to look after a little one divide time to work/home school your child with your partner. 
  • Allocate a working space in your house and try not to work from your bed, or the couch. A part for being detrimental for your posture can means also you’ll be less focused.
  • If you find yourself sitting more than normal check out this article for a mobility-stretch you can do from your desk.
  • Organise your work-load and design your own schedule making sure you take breaks often. Read more about it HERE.
  • Move your body for at least 30 minutes per day. Whether you are in a country that still allow you to go for a walk or you’re choosing to do one of the million sessions available on social channels that’s up to you! But make sure you take that time for yourself to clear your head. 
  • Get some fresh air, on the balcony, opening the window or going for your grocery run – or taking your trashcan down (everything counts this days).
  • Quit watching the news or mindless social media scrolling. If you want to keep up to date then stick to one source that you think is reliable and allow yourself to read about it – or listen to the news – only once a day.
  • Get in charge of your thoughts and meditate to not let anxiety overpower you.  Apps like headspace have now a purposeful built section to help you through this difficult time and it’s free. This will take 5 minutes of your time. 
  • If you are quarantining alone, get creative. Maybe this is the right opportunity to start the blog that you always wanted to, or do an online cooking course you name it. For this purpose I’d recommend to check out Masterclass
  • If you are quarantining with kids – for how much they might be driving you crazy – be grateful for this opportunity to really be part of their growing process and being able to know them/bond with them
  • Find things to be grateful for and write them down each day. Your family, a blue sky, having a roof above your head, your health, a flower blossoming on the tree, a slower start of your day. Every little things count!
  • Ultimately make sure you find time to have fun: play games, listen to music, dance, FaceTime friends. I am currently using this fun app called Houseparty and you can play games with your friends on it.

To assist you at this difficult time I am streaming free workouts across all of my channels. Follow my Instagram @chiaralewis for workout inspiration on the wall, on my IGTV and to take part in live sessions, or join in the challenge of the week on my Facebook Page every Wednesday.

If you want a more consistent plan that you can follow check out my 12-weeks Fitness and Mindfulness Plan on BEAM App for as little as £0.71 per day after a 7-days Free Trial period.

And when you feel a little down, think about this: we are all in it together!