“Find your strongest self on and off the mat.”

TotalBody Sculpt is a barre-inspired low impact conditioning form of exercise crafted to improve your posture, balance, flexibility and strength. The classes get your heart racing as well as toning your body using very little to no equipment. Focused on eccentric and isometric moves and borrowing positions from pilates, ballet and yoga, it’s a type of training which targets the smallest muscle groups, creates mind and body connection and burns body-fat; resulting in a lean, longer, ballerina-like figure.

I have started teaching the TotalBody method in 2016 while representing and running classes for luxury athleisure wear brand Sweaty Betty. In the mean time I’ve set up a series of workshops where I partnered with other female founders such as Lauren Armes, Chloe Brotheridge, Mo Seetubtim, Pixie Turner and many others – known as the TotalBody Inspiring Women Series – following my passion for connecting people. A community of like-minded women started to form around these events which now is called the TotalBody Sisterhood.

Setting up a safe space for women to come together and inspire one another – both thanks to events/retreats and my online platform – has been the highlight of my career so far.

If you are interested to try my method you can do so on TotalBody Studio, a membership based virtual platform providing an extensive library of  barre-inspired, low impact, sculpting, cardio and restorative workouts.