Hikes Guide

As a mountain and nature lover I’ve been practicing outdoors sports since a very young age. In this section of the blog I’ve collected all my favourite hikes with images, routes, and a downloadable GPX file.

Ring Hike of the 5 Lakes of Stura Valley
Alpine Climb to Pelvo d’Elva & Camoscere Lake – Maira Valley
2-Day Hike in the Valley of Wonders + Alpine Climb to Lac de l’Agnel – Parc du Mercantour, France
Hike on the Blanc-Martel Trail in the Gorges du Verdon – Europe’s Grand Canyon
Ring Hike to Portette, Claus & Valscura Lakes – Gesso Valley
Hike to Punta delle Guglie Summit and Luca Lake – Varaita Valley
Hike to Mount La Bianca Summit – Maira Valley
Hike to Malinvern & Paur Lakes – Stura Valley
Hike to Valcuca Lake – Gesso Valley