Welcome to my Blog! I am Chiara, a certified Premier Global NASM trainer and former trainer at top London luxury boutiques such at Psycle, Barrecore, Third Space and 1Rebel.

I have recently set up my own company BEAM Balance Exercise and Mind, and launched a holistic iOS app which offers fitness and mindfulness programmes tailored to the user’s needs.

My mission is to inspire people to love exercise, get in charge of their lives and find empowerment through a healthy lifestyle. 

I like to think of myself as an extremely motivational and motivated trainer, truly committed to change my client’s life for the better. An ambassador for positive body image, my style of training goes beyond squats and burpees.

I believe that a strong, healthy mind translate into a strong, healthy body, and I incorporate mindful practices in all of my programmes. 

The idea of B.E.A.M. App started after developing a 10-weeks programme for Women’s Health magazine in 2017. I’ve trained the former editor for 3 months. At the end of the plan she lost 10% of her body fat, she looked incredible and more importantly felt more confident. What this plan didn’t fully consider though was the mind aspect, which is a huge component in order to be able to sustain the transformation. So I’ve decided to grow more aware and expand my expertise to all things mindfulness and lifestyle coaching. 

After a challenging period of my own, mindfulness practice helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to work more on myself and define what I’m driving towards. I came to the conclusion that physical exercise is an amazing tool to tackle mental health issues and I now I am even more passionate about helping people affected by similar struggles.

You can read about some of my achievements in the press page but I won’t bore you with those here.

One of my biggest passion is to travel and adventure out of my comfort zone, so I’ve set up a travel company to inspire other women to do the same in a safe and friendly environment. I host women fitness and empowerment retreats allover the world. If you are looking for a fun blend of wellness, adventure, authentic experiences and making meaningful connections for your next vacation, head to BEAM retreats site. 

The purpose of this platform is to share my knowledge in a non-intimidating, easily digestible and inspiring way to promote wellbeing, confidence and happiness.

My experience with Chiara was overwhelmingly positive. She’s a great trainer and even better person! I appreciated that she took the time to understand my fitness level and fitness needs, and then encouraged me to work hard toward those goals. She provided great insight and support!

Melissa, Dallas USA