Hi Friend,

Thank you for being here. Let me introduce myself properly…I’m Chiara and although I hold an English passport I am originally from Italy – could you spot an accent but couldn’t really place it? Well, you got it now.

For the past decade I’ve been training women in and out fancy London’s gyms and I’ve helped them growing confident with themselves and their bodies – or at least this is why I think they’ve stuck with me 😉 

My Journey

While on the outside it might look like I’m well put together and I have it all figure it out, let me tell you… It hasn’t always been like that! And to be honest everyday is a work in progress. As an ex-musical theatre performer – hence coming from a world where rejection is the norm – my whole life I’ve struggled with anxiety and body-acceptance. Until I stumbled across an exercise method – barre – which became as good as medicine. The mat then became a safe place where to be and I started not only to accept my features but to celebrate them. I soon realised that I wasn’t alone on my journey and I could help other people finding their safe place.

For years, I honed my skills, practiced my craft, and committed myself to helping as many as I could to find their path towards body-acceptance and empowerment. It was a labor of love from the very beginning. It was a journey that I would embark upon again if given the chance. The recognition from press and media I’ve received for my work was simply a reinforcement that I’ve found my call (you can find those in the press and testimonials page). 

My Mission

Each follower, subscriber, and customer who raised their hand to cheer for this little dream of mine… became a part of the community that you see today. TotalBody Studio is simply a by-product of this community coming together. My commitment to whoever trains with me, is to provide them with tips and tools to create healthy habits they can stick to long term. 

If you would like to become part of the community, leave your email in the box below so I can send you some useful tips on where to start. 

A Million Times Thank You for being here!