Last week I was invited by Sweaty Betty to talk about my carreer in wellness at their Wellness Wednesday event in Marylebone. Rather than chatting for an hour about myself I thought to sum up what I learned throughout the past 8 years in 5 big take away points. Give them a read and see how they resonate with you.

1.Don’t let anything/anyone define you. Eight years ago I came to London with the intention to work in musical theatre, that’s what I studied hence that’s what I thought I should be doing for my whole life. I couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve never felt as fulfilled and empowered as when I committed to start a career in fitness. Don’t allow what you studied or your family pressure you in a path that doesn’t truly belong to you. Find your passion and that will define your journey.

2. Learn to say no. Three years ago I was teaching 26+ classes per week and personal training clients. I didn’t have anytime for myself or for friends and I was exhausted all the time. After 6 months I started doubting everything that I was doing not because it was wrong for me, but because I was overworked. Taking on more and more covers, saying yes to everything. Learning to say no it has been life changing step and allowed me to find more balance, be more selective and truly enjoy the classes I am teaching and connect more with my clients. If you’re a yes person like I was, get in the habit to take a moment before you answer. Check your diary. Is that extra task at work, that dinner out eating in your me time? Don’t be afraid to say no, people will respect you for it.

3. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I personally like to stay current and at the forefront of the fitness scene. I’ve taught and trained at several studios: Psycle, Barrecore, Third Space and now 1Rebel. I like change, I like to learn new skills, new way of teaching but most of all I always need new stimulus. Whenever I change I get out of my comfort zone and that’s when I grow. If you feel a little too comfortable in the position you’re in, you perhaps find difficult to find a purpose to each day than think about what you could be doing to change that. Getting out of the comfort can be scary, but far more rewarding.

4. Find your tribe, love them hard.  I mean it! If there’s something that I am truly grateful for is this community. The buzz around the TotalBody pop ups, the support in the charity events and the love on here and on my social platforms. Find people that believe in you, that are supportive and appreciative, positive people you can learn from and hang with them.

5. Be bold . You have an idea, something that you’re passionate about and deep down you feel you should pursue? Do it! I can’t say how this app venture will end and it definitely took way longer that expected with lots of trial and errors and a wedding in the middle. But at least I’ll always know I gave it my best shot and learned loads from it. What harm it does to give it a try? There’s a quote that each time I read it strikes something in me “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help them build theirs”. Go ahead and buid yours!