Confidence is one of the most strived-for characteristic women are seeking and is not certainly a New Year trend. It’s an evergreen which appeals to every woman I know. 

Maybe  because our society nowadays tends to deplete its tank.

In a world obsessed with follower count, likes and IG views, we constantly tend to compare our lives, our bodies, our capabilities to someone else’s. A recent survey showed that more than 90% of women feel insecure.

Confidence tends to make people more attractive and comes with time and after lots of work on one selves. And in order to appreciate ourselves, our amazing abilities, and our unique qualities we need to adjust our thought process and learn to cut a few things out of our life that are holding our confidence back.

These are my three top tips to start working on your self-love:

1.Quit the negative self-talk

Let’s be honest: we are our own harshest critics and it’s really time we stop all that and become our own biggest supporters instead. It can be difficult to face yourself in the mirror and appreciate the qualities rather than the flaws that most probablyonly you are seeing.

However, try to find at least one thing to be proud of every day. Learn to enhance these qualities with the aid of clothing, make up, hair style. Reward the little achievements rather that focusing on how much road is left to become the person you want to be.

Send your energy into encouraging, and motivating self-talk and just start to notice the changes you’re experiencing. 

2.Turn judgements into compliments

It’s very natural that when we meet another person or see a post on social media we form a judgement in our minds. It’s time to try and stop judging others.

When you’re constantly looking at others and thinking negative thoughts it’s going to cause your confidence to go into a downward spiral. Every single thought we have whether we speak it out loud or not creates an effect. If you find yourself judging others often, try and turn the negative thought/comment into a positive one. Instead of thinking something bad about the other person, think about a compliment. Try and vocalise it if you can, otherwise stay with that thought for a couple of seconds.

You will see pretty quickly that your world will start turning around, you’ll make more friends and also your confidence level will get a boost.

3. Stop the Comparison Game

As they say, comparison is the thief of joy. With social media these days it can be all too easy to find yourself comparing your life with someone you follow online or even your friends and loved ones. But the thing is, the more often you compare yourself with someone the more you’re losing track of what matters most, REAL LIFE.

Life is around you and every single moment deserves to be cherished. Learn to worry more about what happens beyond the small screen of your phone. And when you start appreciating more the little things in the real world, also your life will look more attractive than the artificial, shiny posts that you see on social media.

Focus on your uniqueness.

Becoming aware of certain daily habits is really the first step to work on your confidence. It won’t happen overnight however try and make a small change everyday towards a healthier and more confident you.

What’s your top Confidence Boosting tip? Comment below.