1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Every so often I hear someone, in 99% of cases women, saying that they would like so-and-so’s body, or, even worse, some clients send me pictures of someone with a totally different shape telling me that “I should make them look like them”.

Now, on the side of how unrealistic that is, I think comparing ourselves to others really isn’t the way to make us happy or help us to stick to our goals.

Especially while you are in the middle of a transformation journey and you are doing all the right things, yet you start thinking “oh, my friend did the same and achieved amazing results and I am nowhere near where she is now”. That will just bring you down and won’t help at all.

Your body might respond differently, or you might not have all the training sessions, food plan access that someone had because of your current position in life.

So what? You might take 20 weeks instead of 10 to achieve what they did. You might never get a wasp’s tiny waistline because your physic doesn’t allow it. Where is written that you should look like that, or that is more beautiful?

We were all born different and the truly special thing about each of us it’s that we are all unique. Why shouldn’t you appreciate that?

And that take us to my next point…

  1. Accept and love your body shape

I think that’s the main resolution that everyone should have, including me: learn to look at your shape in the mirror and accept and moreover, appreciate every bump, curve, line that your eyes can find. Work to maximise them and become the best that you can be working with what you have, and not against it!

  1. Be determined and consistent

To achieve results, especially when they look very far away, you need to be honest and ask yourself “am I completely committed to do this?”. Once you start, never look back. And whenever you feel that changes are happening slower than what you expected or you can’t see them straight away, that’s the time where you really need to “man up” and persevere.

Re-think of the reason that pushed you to start the journey in the first place and keep going. Your future self will thank you for that. And this is not an already made phrase…it’s the honest truth.

  1. Pick achievable goals

Again, this is very much linked to the point I made above.

Very often we get frustrated or, even worse, we give up because we set ourselves unrealistic goals. Maybe the time frame and our possibilities won’t take us where we wanted as quick as we thought.

You never had abs in your life and you want a six-pack after a ten weeks transformation plan? That’s unlikely. You need to allow the time for your body to change, to the muscles to build, and to you to make your new routine become a habit.

Don’t fall for quick fixes, fad diets, and crazy exercise plans. Build for yourself a sustainable and long lasting lifestyle.

  1. Don’t look back

There is also the case where you had the body of your dreams, you were happy in your skin, but for a series of reasons you lost it. That’s not the end of the world and moreover, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll just end up to make it worse. Leave the past in the past. Especially, don’t strive to look like when you were 19. Accept that every age is a transition and your body will respond differently to the same inputs. Take today as the starting point and look ahead. Focus on how good you felt when you looked that way and make the necessary changes to go back to that feeling.

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Have a wonderful 2017!!!