Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle in 7 Steps

Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle in 7 Steps

With this lovely sunshine and Easter long weekend gone and dusted we can’t lie to ourselves for any longer: bikini body countdown season has officially started.

Rather than settle for a quick fix, why not to take the opportunity to review your lifestyle and make some changes that will allow you to stick with a healthy body for life.

The right time to start is neither Monday or tomorrow. It is NOW.

But how to start?

  1. Keep a Food Diary

For one week get into the habit to make a note of everything you eat, even a candy, write it down. Included how many sugar bags you put into your coffee. Once you will see all that chocolate written down you might get motivated to cut it out.

  1. Get Active

No excuses. Sun is out and jogging in the park is actually the perfect way to get the chance to truly enjoy it. Maybe join a run club to keep you motivated. Download and memorize a body weight exercise routine and do it in your local park (HERE is a great outdoor legs workout to get you started). Go for walks, cycling trips or climbing with your friends. It’s much more fun than sitting in a pub!

  1. Play Swapsie with your food

Once you have your food diary done try to consider what you can change in your diet. Can you perhaps swap all the white carbs with brown? Pasta with pseudograins like quinoa and buckwheat? Chocolate with fruit salads? Crisps with hummus and carrots?

Referring as well to the way of cooking your food. Grilled instead of fried.

  1. Do it gradually

Changing lifestyle doesn’t happen in one day. Let your body (and your mind!) gradually get used to the change. Start with small steps cutting out what can be unnecessary. Ask yourself: am I really hungry or am I just snacking because I am bored? Introduce more active alternatives into your routine and keep going every day with your goal in mind, without rushing into it or demoralizing yourself.

  1. Positive attitude is KEY!

You want to reward yourself. No negative thoughts or self-judgments are allowed on the path to the NEW you. Reward every achievement, acknowledge and let it go every little mistake. Keep the focus on the goal and learn to accept and love your body.

  1. Triple R: Rest, Relax, Recharge

Resting is key. Allowed your body to “recharge the batteries” with a good night sleep (7/8 hours) and put on your to do list some “Me time”. Whether is doing your nails or having a bath, doing some meditation exercises or listening to an audiobook.

  1. Find a Fitness Professional to get you started

If you are really struggling in finding what physical activities you enjoy, find a fitness professional that you believe you can trust in and book a personal consult. We are here to help and motivate you!

Do you want to add anything to this list? Let me know by commenting below!