When the beautiful weather arrives all we can think about is to get in the sun, grab a Pimms and socialize catching some rays.

This time of the year, hitting the gloomy and dark gym with its stale air becomes even harder. So our motivation to workout starts to fade…

Stop ignoring your instincts then…

Ditch the gym and take your workout outdoors! Nature is a perfect bikini-body training ground.

Here are 4 reasons to get you outside:

1. Exercising outdoors makes you happier and motivated

Huffing and puffing your way round the park may not sound like a perfect mood-booster, I totally get it, but researches proved that just 5 minutes of exercise in a green space can make you feel less stressed and happier for the increased quantity of oxygen in the air you breath, which causes your brain to release serotonin, the “happy” hormone. Not only your body will benefit from it, but also your mind.

Changing your routine, seeing new faces, being surrounded by nature helps against workout boredom and keep you motivated to push it even further: when you are distracted by the environment, you are less aware of your effort.

2. You will burn more calories!

It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine and reach a plateau when your body knows exactly what to expect from those mono-planar exercises on the gym machines or these same-pace runs on the treadmill. The uneven ground of a park might be just what you need to take your workout to the next step and challenge yourself! Running, cycling, even squatting outdoors demands more of your body, burning many more calories and getting results faster.

No matter how many fancy settings there are on your treadmill or stationary bike, they can’t replicate the varied terrain and weather conditions you’ll encounter outside.

3. Workout in the sun is good for your Health

Vitamin D is a key player in the fight against the bone-thinning disease, like osteoporosis, as it regulates our bodies’ calcium and phosphate levels, ensuring healthy bones and teeth. And where do we get most of our vitamin D from? Sunlight!

Having low levels of Vitamin D in your body can trigger high blood pressure, putting you more at risk of heart disease or strokes. Vitamin D helps lower blood pressure, aiding to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

To complete the picture, a study from the Environmental Protection Agency showed that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

4. Save Memberships money!

Let’s be honest! Being stuck in a rolling membership sucks; especially in those weeks when you’re so busy at work that you can’t make it to the gym.

The outdoors is always ready to go. No class schedules, no waiting in line for machines and IT’S FREE. You can fit a little session in whenever you have a chance. Even a 20 minute intense workout in the local park will do the trick: studies shows that a single high-intensity workout is three times more effective at burning fat than endurance training.

Do you enjoy working out outdoors? Let me know by leaving a comment below!