‘Elf Myths Busted For This Festive Season

‘Elf Myths Busted For This Festive Season

Happy festive season y’all!!! To make this time of the year even more enjoyable and try to reduce the list of things you should be stressing about, I made a list of common myths which typically arise during Christmas and New Year and busted them! After all this is the most wonderful time of the year…

MYTH 1: Sugar is evil…

…deprivation is worse! Eccessive sugar consumption can lead to health problems and weight gain, yes but – guess what – also eccessive avocado does!! My advice is to have your treats guilt-free and fully-engaged, so that your brain can register you’ve eaten it and can release satisfaction hormones. If you don’t crave food you are more likely to make better choices on regular basis.

MYTH 2: You’re not a bad person if you skip the gym.

During the festive period is way harder making time to go and get your exercise fix, just keep your body moving as much as you can! Perhaps don’t get all your last-minute Christmas shopping on Amazon but make a point to walk around town, organise fun activities (skating, walking, skiing…it all counts), try home workouts – they don’t need to be long. Moving around is helpful also for your mood!

MYTH 3: Rest is underrated

Forget about all-nighters party hard, the #hyggelifestyle is the new generation hack! As long as this is not you on a day-to-day basis it is ok to take some time for curling up on the sofa with some cocoa, putting your face mask on and binging on your favourite series. Especially if you live always 1000miles per hour take this festive season as an opportunity to rest.

MYTH 4: Baby is cold outside…and cold air makes you sick.

Your grandma tip to avoid the outdoors when it’s cold might not have a real foundation. Actually the exact opposite is true. Viruses grow best at higher temps so getting outside could be the cure! 

And is also untrue that you shouldn’t exercise in the cold…it is proven that colder temps increase performance and pace- perhaps you want to warm up quicker?! ? – make sure you dress appropriately and then you’re good to go!

MYTH 5: Say “no” to gatherings makes you a hermit.

It’s entirely within your power whether you should attend a stress-inducing, umpteenth invite. You’ve got to prioritise number 1, it’s very important to keep a good balance and make time for yourself. 

MYTH 6: You are anti-social if you don’t drink alcohol.

Heavy alcohol consumption can make you feel draggier than usual and it’s not just about hangovers. Booze can affect your quality of sleep and worsen your mood (especially if you’re inclined to SAD). If you’re attending a party and you feel obliged to drink, try to savour your glass of pinot noir for as long as possible and switch to water in between glasses.

MYTH 7: You eat heavier food at Christmas

Yes the traditional festive food might be richer than the food you eat normally, but you shouldn’t feel forced to eat it. Maybe you could offer to be the chef this year or volunteer to be the host of the party. That way you can offer lots of veggies sides and get creative with the flavors. Or simply say you are trying to be more plant-based this year and offer to bring some dishes to add to the buffet.

In conclusion ENJOY the festive season & share this post with anyone who needs to read it. Merry Christmas!