Do You Take Time To Work In?

Do You Take Time To Work In?

As countries are starting to ease lockdown a lot has been said about how things will change in our society. Yes, it will take sometime before we can adapt to the new normal, but I believe not all changes are for the worse. Unless you’ve been touched by the pandemic directly – and I wish with all my heart that you all reading this haven’t – you had have most probably time to sleep more, to cook more, to connect more – yes even at a distance – to understand the importance of the little things more and most of all to be with yourself more. 

Soul searching is often underrated yet so important, we all need to stop time to time and think about where we are going, what are we hassling for. We often take for granted basilar things like who we are, our values, what we want. We all strive for success, but what is success for you? Like, do you REALLY know? Or you THINK to know it? 

Very often we set ourselves goals which aren’t meant for us, maybe that we think we should pursue due to our current circumstances or maybe imposed on us by others. But what truly fulfil us is sometimes far from what initially we thought it would. Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction or at the wrong area as well. 

Let’s say for example that you want a promotion so badly. You want it because it will give you more money and more prestige but on the other hand it will give you more responsibilities hence you’ll have less time available to spend with your family or do the things you love. 

Now if your top values are career and achievement most probably that’s a good thing and you will feel happy and satisfied by the promotion. But if your top values are quality time with your family or personal development (as in learning new skills or having a side hustle for example) that same promotion might leave you frustrated. You might better off seeking a job which allows you more freedom and similar pay check instead.

Having your values clear in your mind and written down somewhere where you can always see them, can help you to live in alignment. When you feel off balance – frustrated, emotional, stressed, anxious etc – most probably is because you are not living according to your values. 

To define what success is for you, you need your values, but how to know what your values are without the influence of external conditioning?

It is not that simple. You need to take off the roles that society impose on us all, the masks or hats that we all have: we are CEOs, office workers, mothers, wives, partners, essential workers, non-essential workers, … We need to not confuse who we truly are with what role we have in the society. 

Too often we let our jobs define us. So to cut through the fog is useful to ask ourselves some questions. That can give us insight, inspiration and authenticity to live a purposeful life.
So last Sunday I’ve decided to try something different and instead of inviting you to work OUT like we normally do, I am guiding you through some work IN. 

In the first episode of this journalling workshop –  RESET – I’m not only asking you those questions, but I also unveiling the process on how to tune in and define your values and your idea of success.

So if you haven’t already make sure you check it out – it will take literally only 10 minutes of your day. 

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