No matter how dedicated or how many good intentions we have, everyone goes through a little motivational slump now and then. And especially with the Christmas season approaching it feels the time to workout, food prep and all things wellness is getting less and less. But that’s no reason to throw in the towel.

Here are 8 fast motivation boosters to keep you on track: 

Tis the Season with no guilt!

No really. Enjoy it! Wear warm cosy clothes, put nutmeg on something, have a cinnamon roll, buy a sequin dress, go skating and grab a glass of mulled wine. This time of the year is so fun, and it goes in a heartbeat so enjoy it!

Call your workout buddy

Or simply a friend / partner / family member and lock in a walk / run / class / bootcamp with them. If you’ve got someone expecting you you’re more likely to go. Plus, working out with someone is always fun!

Get outside

Wet or cold, take your workout outside to mix it up, lift your motivation and for all of the added benefits of working out outdoors. (Read about the benefits of outdoor workouts here!)

Make it fun

Rather than slogging it out at the gym, book yourself in for a fun dance class or go skating. Add a bit of play into your exercise regime also embracing the seasonal activities you can do only this time of the year. 

Keep it short and sweet

You don’t need to sweat it out for an hour. Take your dog for a 20 minute walk, do a 15 minutes HIIT session in your living room, go for a nice bike ride. It all counts and keeps you moving.

Remind yourself of your why

Why do you exercise? Are you training for an event or PB? Do you love the energy boost you get? Why are you investing extra time to make wholesome homemade meals? Is it because you have more energy and feel great when you eat nutritious meals? Is it all to keep yourself healthy and energetic so you can chase your kids around?

Whatever it is, remind yourself of the bigger picture and you’ll be back out there in no time!

Avoid the Hungover Slump

With all these Christmas parties / dinners creeping up the alcohol toll can get quite high and the hangover aftermath is never fun, and definitely not a great motivation boost.

Try to pace yourself while drinking. Focus more on the conversations than downing the alcohol. Have a glass of water after every full glass of wine and never drink with an empty stomach.

Take a break!

See your workouts as a stress relief from all that Christmas shopping and the hustle and the bustle of the city, rather than a punishment for one too many mince pies you ate. When we are feeling stressed we are likely to get more frustrated and lose patient quickly, whereas is the time of the year to be kind and generous.

Don’t beat yourself up over experiencing a little less energy and more pizza than usual, it’s 100% normal. Just try these tips to reignite that fire and go get ’em!

How do you get yourself over motivational humps?