We are approaching the third month of the year and typically we tend to find more and more excuses to neglect our training.

My number 1 advice when that’s start happening is: to BUDDY UP!

There are several reasons why working out with a friend makes it much better. Here are my main 7.

  • Help each other achieve your fitness goals

Have someone that motivates you and supports you is proved to increase the chances of success. And also you as a motivator will be more prone to give the good example. And the best thing is that you get to share and celebrate your successes together.

  • Working out is more fun

Working out can become a very good opportunity to catch up with a friend while chatting away those exercises won’t feel that bad after all. And even if you are in a group class, giving each other “that look” of complicity or pain sharing can motivate you to carry on.

  • Easier to try new workouts – Brings variety to your workouts

Our buddies might have seen a great new exercise on their social, heard of a new sculpting workout technique or read about a cool new fitness studio just opened. What’s better than checking it out together? The fact of being two (or more!) will help you to get through that intimidating feeling of entering a new environment for the first time.

  • Keeps your technique on point

Especially in studios without a mirror is super hard to see yourself and check on your form. You may think you are perfect in that plank, but you might be sticking your ass in the air. That’s when another set of eyes become really useful. Whether your friend is super fit or has little experience will be always able to recognise obvious mistakes.

  • Healthy Competition push you harder

As human being,  we are a little competitive and competition can be a very good motivator when it comes to exercise. We are more likely to show our friend the best of us; that we can hold that position a little longer, or we can run that bit faster, etc… and that will make us, without even realising it, push harder.

  • Makes your workouts safer

Having someone that spots you on the squat rack or on those bench presses, will definitely lessen the chances to get hurt or worse injured. As well you will be able to get to your maximum rep without the fear of getting stuck under the bar after you reached failure.

For people that are training outdoors, going for a run with someone is safer than going on your own, especially in dark months like February.

  • Increases commitment

Arranging to meet someone for a training session will actually ensure that you will turn up for it! You cancel your session and you cancel theirs too. And it’s not a good look letting your friend down…


There are plenty more reasons that I could think about, but you have to get out there with a friend and find them out.

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