At the beginning of February, Neom Organics launched its first ever Happiness Programme (#NeomHappy100) and I was lucky enough to be involved.

The program consists of a 28 days calendar with a feel-good task to complete each day. The task is simple, quick and you can easily integrate it in your busy daily schedule.

I always say to my clients it is important to find sometime for themselves during the day, but we all have a busy routines and it’s easy to skip me time. The great aspect of the Neom Calendar is that having a task to do makes you REALLY dedicate those 3-5 minutes to yourself, and having to do something different every day makes it fun too.

The program includes 5 Neom Products, a digital calendar, and The Happiness Programme e-book.

The 5 Products are:

  • The Happiness Scented 3 wick Candle
  • The Happiness Scented 1 wick Candle
  • Mood Lifting On-The-Go Mist
  • Great Day Body & Hands Wash
  • Great Day Body Scrub


Neom 01


The Happiness Scent is my favourite between Neom’s. I’d light up the candles not only when it is recommended by the e-book, but also to make my bedroom smelling nice before bedtime or while I am doing my work.

The Great Day Body Scrub is another amazing product and I discovered it thanks to this program. It really does make your skin feel fresh, soft and regenerated after use.

I now use the Great Day Body and Hand wash all the time, I am addicted to the lovely fragrance it leaves on my skin after washing.

Before going to sleep I always spray some of the Feel Good On-The-Go Mist on my pillow and I carry it in my bag all day.

I printed a hard copy of the Calendar and stuck it to my fridge, to make sure it was visible and I wouldn’t forget my daily task.

I saved the copy of the e-book on my iPad, so that I could easily have access to it each day.

All set to go, I have started my month of happiness.

Here are my impressions on the first week following the programme.

Day 1 was a walk in the park.

The idea felt silly at first, as between my clients sessions and my commuting from a studio to another, I could say I am pretty much spending my life outdoors. But it’s also true that I leave the house only if there is a reason for it, and I rarely go for a walk just to walk. So I went to my local park, and I came back with a much clearer head, ready to concentrate on my admin and blog work.

In general I am more of a shower person. I only bath when my muscles are so sore that they really need an epsom bath. I am not particularly keen on the idea of staying still for a long time either, as I am an always-on-the-go person. But anyway I did the breathing exercise and had a bath on Day 2 before going to bed, and I could fall asleep much faster after.

Day 3 task was to “Wake Up with Yoga”. That day I woke up pretty early in the morning to train a client and the early start meant I didn’t have time to do yoga before leaving. So instead I went for a full yoga class straight after my clients, which is unusual for me as, when I have to choose a class to do in my free time, I’d definitely go for a high intensity one. I felt connected and I found out my muscles needed some stretching time more than I thought they would.

Day 4 put a smile on my face. I had to get in touch with somebody who I have been meaning to contact for long time. I am really close to my nan, and I rarely speak to her. Well, that day I called her and spoke with her for a good hour. I felt so happy after.

Neom 07

The 10 minutes Power Playlist of Day 5 has been absolutely one of my favourite tasks. Everyone that knows me know how much I love music. Recently I have been making so many Psycle playlists, that I end up listening to those even during my commuting or my workout sessions. Although they are not necessarily what I’d like to listen to. To take sometime to make my own playlist felt regenerating and refreshing…and as a good musical junkie as I am, of course I included “Defying Gravity” too! …which I haven’t heard for quite sometime.

Day 6 involved food, and as a food lover, there is not better way to make me happy. Between the brunch options, I choose the Buckwheat Pancakes, an exquisite alternative to my coconut flour pancakes, easy to make and perfect breakfast option for a Saturday off.

To end the week with positive vibes, Day 7 task was to find a new book to read.

That reminded me of how much I use to read, and how hectic lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of my everyday routine don’t leave me much time for it. So I went to the book shop and  bought a new fiction book.

After week 1 of this program, I felt much more connected, light-hearted and positive, so I am truly looking forward the next 3 weeks.

If you really struggle to de-stress and find some me time, I think this is ideal for you.