This week has been a whirlwind of excitement and emotions.

I successfully launched my signature class concepts, TotalBody on Tuesday morning with a spectacular view of St. Paul as a backdrop. 50 people turned up, although there were just 40 spaces available, setting a pretty early alarm at 5.30am. Almost 200 people were on the waitlist. To these fantastic and overwhelming numbers and response, followed up a number of social media posts, messages, emails with the review of the workout from press, bloggers fitness influencers and clients, that I’d like to share with you.

I am so pleased that event went well and I am so grateful for all the support received by partners and clients. The future of TotalBody looks bright and I cannot wait to let you know all the developments in the very near future.

For now I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and give an insight on what happened on Tuesday to the ones who couldn’t make it.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and events.

I came out with the idea of TotalBody because I wanted to create a class that would have been effective, challenging and moreover FUN.

At the time, I was teaching in two London’s leading studios: Psycle London and Barrecore and I could see the benefits of both kind of training on my own body.

So I started wondering if it would have been possible to create a class that could combine both workouts without needing big pieces of equipment, such as a barre or a stationary bike.

I deeply believe of the effectiveness of Interval Training when looking to achieve body composition results in a fast way. I do believe of the benefits of high repetition resistance training to tone and sculpt the body. So I have combined the two. And to make sure I’d keep the FUN component I thought that the music is vital to achieve that.

Studies shows how engaging the brain and having to think of a routine helps burning more calories, so I thought to organize the cardio bits into a sort of choreography and I made sure that every movement is to the music.

There are 3 cardio tracks: one is about testing the endurance, the second one is about power and explosive movements and the third one, what I called the finale, is about letting yourself go and enjoy.

The resistance tracks, or active recovery, use little isometric contractions that work every single muscle in the body, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

The first resistance section uses the aid of small weights or resistance bands and is targeting the upper body. The second section uses small isometric movements alternated by full range ones to challenge the lower part of the body.

The third section is about targeting the deepest muscles of the abdominal wall and the gluteus.

I have started teaching TotalBody at Sweaty Betty Marylebone boutique, for which I am ambassador, December last year. I had a great feedback since the start and class has been waitlisted every week.

What I am mostly pleased about is that around the class has formed a lovely community of women, community that now has a name and it’s called 4fitnessake tribe, who shares the same fitness and lifestyle goals and enjoys to get together for a sweaty session and motivate each other.

What Tuesday represented for me is an amazing get together opportunity in a beautiful location to celebrate how far TotalBody has come and how exciting is the future of the class.

Thank you Sweaty Betty for the support through and through and for letting me use your One new Change store launch event for celebrate my own class concept launch and thanks to all the partners for providing amazing goods: Plenish+, Pip&Nut, Smartwater, Deliciously Ella, Mindful Chef, the Happiness Planner, Udo’s Choices, The Good Guru, Natural Fitness Food, Neom Organics. 

To see more pictures of the event, head to my Facebook Page, 4fitnessake.