Too often we compromise our eating, sub-sequentially our health, because “we don’t have time”.
And I am with you. I can see the whole “lack of time thing” is not just an excuse.

Sometimes it’s the cooking process that pulls us off, sometimes is sourcing the ingredients. We end up ordering a take away or eating more or less always the same things.

I don’t know about you, but I literally have a trillion cook-books to get to try new healthy recipes. Of course Deliciosly Ella, Hemsley + Hemsley, Jamie Olivier are all on the shelves…collecting dust.

That’s why a company like Mindful Chef can jazz up your everyday mindful eating, without too much hassle.

Everything starts online, which is great if you don’ t have time to go to the grocery. You can scroll through a wide selection of yummy recipes, that changes each week, and select which one you fancy trying.

There is an option for everyone’s taste: chicken, steak, fish and plant based (in other words, vegan).

After you selected the recipe/s, you choose how many meals would you like to get delivered, 1 to 4 per week, and for how many people (1 or 2).

Go to your payment page and….you are done!

Each meal is £8. Which is a very good deal, considering all the work behind the recipe design and the quality of the food. A nutritionist and a chef collaborate to design the best and nutrient balanced recipes, adding tasty flavours to your everyday eating. The ingredients come directly from Multi Awarded South-West London farms to your plate (Eversfield Organic Farm is their meet supplier).

If you want the box delivered for the following week, you just need to make sure to place your order not later than Thursday of the week before.

What happens next? On Sunday afternoon you will get the box with your meals delivered at your door. And then you are ready to get cooking!

You will find the recipe cards with the ingredients, each of them already packed in the portions you’ll need.
You will have to rinse and cut your vegetables, and this is only because the ingredients are organic and freshly sourced. The card also tells you how long the meal will take to be prepared, the calories and the macronutrients contained.

How great? Especially if you are on a calorie counting diet, or you are training for specific body-composition goals and really looking at your macros intake.

The method is easy to follow and soon your yummy dinner will be ready to eat.

There are many other companies, which deliver meals already made.

Mindful Chef gets you in front of the hobs and gives you the satisfaction of eating your meal hot at the end of a long day.

By the end of few weeks with Mindful Chef you will learn many recipes to add to your kitchen repertoire, each one of them healthy, balanced and delicious.

Order your first box HERE.

Interested in who’s behind Mindful Chef? Especially for 4fitnessake’s readers Myles, co-founder, has answered some curiosity questions. READ THE INTERVIEW.