My Journey to The Psycle Stage

My Journey to The Psycle Stage

Whoever of you that have been to the studio before will know me as one of the smiley faces of the front desk.

I joined the company at the beginning, when Psycle was more an idea than a reality and the studio was a building site, leaving lots of space to the imagination.

Back in November 2013, exactly one year ago, I received an invitation to participate in the very first Psycle class held by Tim Weeks. Because there wasn’t a studio yet the meeting point was a funky bar in the city called Pause, filled with spinning bikes. White cycling shoes were given to me at the entrance and a grey T-Shirt saying Psycle, a name that didn’t make much sense in my head at the time.

In that very first Psycle class I felt so uncoordinated and unstable on a bike like never before. I was experiencing a revolutionary fitness concept whilst it was still in the incubation process.

I decided to leave my job as a personal trainer for Fitness First and join this exciting brand new company as part of the front of house team and with the goal of becoming an instructor.

Not surprisingly, Psycle became a fitness cult and Tatler entitled it with “The Best newcomer 2014” award.

Why Londoners love Psycle?

I guess because of the atmosphere and the feeling of being part of a community of people with the same goal in their mind: become fitter and healthier. Also, the philosophy: it is not about shouting at people to push them to their maximum, the ‘no pain no gain’ thing doesn’t work at Psycle. It is about delivering a great workout in the most passionate and positive way.

The instructors are professional performers, directing and entertaining their attendants to get them catching the beats, getting lost in the rhythm and forgetting about the physical pain when the lights come on.

And this is why I decided to become an instructor. My philosophy as a personal trainer is all around the idea that the barriers to exercise are primarily psychological and secondly physical, I find what my clients really enjoy and deliver the best fitness experience which helps them reach their goals.

Psycle is the perfect step forward in my career, as apart for all of this it adds the performance side, bringing back some of my past as professional dancer and actress.


It has been a long process spanning several months, I have been working hard on my cycling technique, becoming stronger in my movements and mastering the control of the bike. Then my time finally came after summer when the studio manager wanted to grow the instructors team and started auditioning: I was then able to show what I could do.

Whilst waiting for the second audition stage, I found myself in a very ironical situation.

I was working at the front desk with two colleagues, Hayley and Vinnie, and the instructor of the 10am class could not get to the studio because of transport issues.

With such short notice no other instructor could get to the studio, so I was asked to step up. Got myself ready in 3 minutes, sorted out a playlist in 5 and 10 minutes after I was in the studio going through final setup with Kelly and then…it was time to start!

After all those months training, I was asking myself “Am I really doing this?”

Yes I was.

The feeling was exhilarating, the eyes of the all class focused on me, following my movements, having fun, struggling with me, moving in sync. Some kind of magic was happening in that studio and I was in charge of it. Goose bumps run down my spine at the end of the class when I was cheered by a generous applause and overwhelmed by amazing feedback.

It is clear to me now why we are called Psy-cle and not just Cycle, which last year it was not. There is a lot involved in terms of thoughts, feelings and emotions in a class apart from the physical workout. As a class attendant and as an Instructor too.

After three weeks of Fast Track training with Ian, Rhian and sweating alone in the studio, now is the time for me to make the magic happening again and transmit my passion to my class.

I finally reached the Psycle stage.

Have you ever been to Psycle? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below.