I am a Sweaty Betty Ambassador

I am a Sweaty Betty Ambassador

As well as behind every strong person there is a tough past, also behind great brands there is a humble start.

We all know Sweaty Betty as a fresh, fashionable, bespoke and colorful brand that every woman loves; but just how did this unique sporty fashion icon make it to the high street?

Sweaty Betty began with the vision of a beautiful woman, Tamara Hill-Norton who was having a hard time finding the credibility and funds to open her first female only activewear boutique. Despite the odds being against Tamara, the strong passion of being an entrepreneur and the confidence of being a talented sport clothing designer, with some support from good friends, helped her set up the first boutique in the heart of Notting Hill.

Notting Hill in the late 90’s was considered as the coolest spot in London, however the setting for the first Sweaty Betty was’t exactly the most glamorous, the boutique was squeezed between a pawn broker and a 24-hour convenience store.

But in her business vision Tamara was seeing much more than her little shop surroundings: she had in mind the launch of a revolutionary women-only brand that would fill the gap in the fitness fashion industry of the late 90’s and “ INSPIRE WOMEN TO FIND EMPOWERMENT THROUGH FITNESS”

It’s fair to say that not everyone was able to see the vision from the start, the first and only member of staff resigned at the end of the first week of trading ‘preferring to serve men to woman’. But in general the support of the ladies of Notting Hill was fantastic, especially appreciating the ability to choose between beautiful bikinis and ski suit in the same store, soon after The Evening Standard listed Sweaty Betty on the map of luxury fashion-fitness retailers.

After the humble start Tamara has recruited and formed a crew of style passionate and fitness dedicated women who followed her in her project and helped Sweaty Betty to become what it is today: 30 stores national wide with concessions at Harrods and Selfridges. This year we will also see the collaboration between Sweaty Betty and the famous fashion designer Richard Nicoll.

In 2013 Sweaty Betty won the Global Fashion awards for Best Active Wear Design Team.

What I personally find amazing and very inspiring is that the SB team really do what they preach.

Each woman I had the luck to meet who works for the company is fully committed and passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

SB team regularly take part in fitness classes and they are always up to date with the latest fitness craze, from yoga to barre and Psycle. The larger stores also host free in-house classes.

I am so delighted that such an inspiring company has chosen me as their ambassador for their newest boutique in Marylebone.

As an ambassador I’ll be teaching at their in-store events and heading classes for Psycle London while all the time looking my very best in Sweaty Betty outfits.

Keep watching this space. I will be keeping you updated about free fitness opportunity for you to take part in!