I am a Rebel

I am a Rebel

If you have been following me for a while you know…I like to stay current and at the forefront of the fitness scene.

After leaving Third Space and finding out that working in a gym full time is not my kind of thing afterall (I personally find it a bit claustrophobic) I took few months out to think about what my next steps should be. I though I’d say goodbye to indoor cycling as very demanding on my body.

It turned out that not only I missed the podium, but the podium missed me too.

I have been working out at 1Rebel for quite sometime, I reckon since they opened their doors back in 2015. Daniel’s Rumble class on a Friday evening have always been the best way for me to distress from a busy week and Monday evening Reshape with Kim is just the best way to kick start the week.

After my regular Monday Reshape class sometime in June, the trainer in a casual conversation asked me if I was interested in teaching in the coolest Ride studio ever seen yet.

I have to admit that intrigued me, and before I realised it…I was on the timetable.

1Rebel Victoria opened its doors this July.

It is the World’s first spin studio amphitheatre offering 83 bikes over three levels.

This fully immersive Ride experience features ‘The Cyclone’ (a laser installation recently used on the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent), a lighting show that equals the worlds best concerts.  The 3D sound-system that until now has only been heard, in fixed form, in the Sydney Opera House as well as LED screens make this studio the new home of “fitness as entertainment”.

As the fifth location for the boutique operator, 1Rebel Victoria stays true to the brand’s recognisable aesthetic. From luxury industrial-modern copper piping to white lacquered exposed brick and galvanised steel, the futuristic design keeps attention to detail at its heart.

The studio truly offer a Ride experience like no other and I am chuffed to be part of something so innovative and progressive. The scissor lift makes me feel Beyoncé on the bike and the whole layout challenge me on so many levels (you have to be a good instructor but also a dj and light technician).

Despite all the special effects that these studios might offer, I can safely say that the assets which makes 1rebel the “King of Gyms” are the people who work there. From the front of house, to the fellow instructors, the managers and the heads of concept they are all so supportive and encouraging, with clients and with each other. A real rare gem to find nowadays in the London fitness scene, and as you know I have few years of experience on my back now.

Come to RIDE in one of my classes:

Monday – 7.30pm South Bank

Tuesday – 7.20pm Victoria

Thursday – 6.30 & 7.30am South Bank

Saturday – 10.15am & 12.15pm South Bank

Sunday – 9.30 & 11.30am Victoria

Book on 1Rebel Website or, if you are a member, on ClassPass.