I am a Barrecore Instructor!

I am a Barrecore Instructor!

My journey as a Barrecore instructor started at the end of October 2014.

I fell in love with Barrecore as a customer thinking it was a very clever training method.

Seeing the changes in my own body after one month of classes, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and discover how a workout can sculpt and tone the body the way it does. So I sent my application letter…

I have been doing ballet floor and pilates since my teens, when I was studying at the dance academy, although I have never instructed them before.Therefore becoming a Barrecore instructor was a new challenge and a great new opportunity to embrace, enlarging my skills as a fitness professional.

The course started in the last week of November: comprised of six weeks intensive course including lectures and six additional classes to observe and participate in each week.

It has been quite intense indeed. Adding extra work on top of my pt clients sessions, my blog articles, additional research and my Psycle classes. But certainly it has been totally worth while.

The amount of information I had to intake about each of the exercises I had to teach, which muscles are working, modifications for injuries, how to train post and pre natal women, really understanding the purpose of each positions, feeling it on my own body, was amazing. Enriched by the knowledge of my trainers and by, for me, the super inspiring Barrecore founder, Niki Rein, I wanted to go beyond what was taught to me. I started to read new books about the body’s anatomy, injuries and physiotherapy, take part in more pilates and yoga classes and seeing what element I could bring into my classes from those.

The Christmas break was very helpful to recharge and re nourish my body, getting me ready for the barrecore practice classes, that I have been teaching throughout the all January to friends and community’s members.

I have completed my practice hours yesterday with my final assessment and with Niki’s smiley face that was officially welcoming me as one of the instructors.

It is not just about the workout itself, barrecore it’s a lovely community of individuals: everyone there has the same goal, be good and feel good with themselves and others.

My colleagues and fellow instructors are lovely positive people, all very supportive and stimulating which makes it much nicer to wake up in the morning and going into work. The members, who are really the ones that makes barrecore the reality it is, are lovely too.

It is a type of training that keeps us humble, it’s tough for both clients and instructors making us working (and shaking!) together to reach a common goal: being fitter, healthier and feel better with our own bodies.

My mission as a qualified instructor is to inspire my clients, genuinely help them to reach their fitness goals, encourage them as they struggle reminding them that we all have been there before, and if they will keep going they can reach anywhere they want. And of course “lift-and-hold” their smiles on their faces when they’ll see the results!

Come and find me in the Barrecore studios of Mayfair, South Kensington and Chelsea. Check the website for the schedule.