BEAM App is Coming And Here Is The Story Behind It

BEAM App is Coming And Here Is The Story Behind It

So I am launching an app. Soon. 

Most of you know, it has been a project in the making for quite sometime. And it is now pretty exciting to see it all coming together!

The idea was born back in 2017 when I released the 10 weeks Fit Body Programme in collaboration with Women’s Health UK. 

The FBP was such a great achievement. It was exciting to be able to reach out to a larger client base and to help many more people than I could on a one-to-one basis. Although I pretty soon realised that something was missing in the programme: the mind aspects. 

I’ve always been the type of trainer who truly focuses on my client’s lifestyle as a whole, taking in account not only how they want to look or how their eating regime is like but also where they are at in their lives. 

I truly believe that your current life state affects everything else. If you are not happy in your current job, relationship, you might have issues with your family or with your self, you might feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you might suffer of anxiety or depression even. Whatever it is that is bothering you in the inside, it will show somehow on the outside. 

A healthy mind translates into a healthy body. This is what I truly deeply believe in!

So straight away after the FBP was released I started creating another programme. The problem was, I had no idea of where to host the programme, how to sell it and had no actual experience in business.

All my peers who I was looking up to as mentors didn’t have experience in tech either so I did what most people do: googled it. And there I found the Prince’s Trust. The Prince’s Trust offers an Enterprise Program, a one year course designed to help young people (under 30 years old) educating them and supporting them into developing their ideas into a business model. 

Here I wrote my first business plan, I learned about finance and how to file tax returns, what business model shall I adopt. I grasped branding, marketing, business strategies. I connected with other ambitious entrepreneurs. I was inspired. 

The course opened my mind to a level that I could never describe, helping me to evolve and define the idea I initially had into something that people could truly benefit from. 

With that basic understanding of how a business should be run, I went on to test an online platform template which would allow me to host my programme. 

The problem was, it seemed impossible to find the perfect one. Some of them wouldn’t be fully responsive to all devices you would want to stream it on. Some others wouldn’t allow me to create functionalities that I needed to test users level or keep them on track. 

The one thing that I truly wanted for the Mindful Body Project – this is how I later called the plan –  was to be particularly responsive for the phone. 

Phones are the one thing that we always carry with us – for how sad that might be. 

I wanted that my users would feel looked after just like they had a personal trainer coaching them by their side in a convenient and time-friendly manner. A coach that they could pull out of their pockets – literally – anytime and anywhere. 

Paul, my husband – who supported me all along through not-only-a-few moments of struggle, decided to work on the app full time with me.

Thanks to him I also met Karl, our app developer. An enthusiastic young man truly passionate at what he does who believed in our vision. And from an online programme it scaled up to a phone application. And here we are: BEAM Team. 

BEAM (which stands for Balance Exercise and Mind) is an app which – will – offer different wellness programs all tailored to the user’s abilities and to fit in a busy, fast paced lifestyle. 

Instead of the typical transformation programmes which combine fitness and nutrition, the plans featured on BEAM bridge the gap between mindful practices and physical exercises. All designed to make you feel healthier, stronger and happier from the inside-out. 

When I was designing each of the workouts I had three words in mind: scalable, realistic and effective. 

Each user will have to take an initial fitness assessment which will determine what type of programme is best for them: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The workout sessions are no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. I used as little equipment as possible to allow users to do the exercises any time and anywhere, without needing to go to a designated place every day.  

The mindful exercises are just as important as the physical ones. In this programme I am redefining the common idea of Mindfulness too. 

For me mindfulness is taking the time to yourself to think about who you are, where you are heading, what matters the most to you, and what do you want to achieve in life. 

I believe that the real change comes from within: once you are in charge of your life and you get yourself into the pilot seat, amazing things will happen. 

So this programme aims to get you in charge, making you feeling stronger, empowered, confident and find your own kind of happiness. 

You might think that it sounds too good to be true, but all these practices have been designed, used, tested for years by a multitude of professionals. My aim is to simply make them accessible and easy to use for you. 

So after 8 months relentlessly working on it, here we are. On the verge of the final test phase and very close to the official release on the apple store. 

I truly hope this will excite you as much as it does me. I can guarantee its features will blow your soon-to-be-sweaty socks off!

If you want to be one of the first to download BEAM on your phone then hit the button below and sign up to the BEAM Founder List. You will have access to founders’ special discounts, promotion and events. 

Help me to spread the love and share the link with your friends and family for them to benefit from the promotion too!