Have you been told to work from home?Are you finding a little dull having to slow down and having some restrictions? I hear you.

So I’ve wrote a list of things we can do to prevent us to catch this hideous virus and spreading it around. Read carefully and share. 

  • Keep a good self-hygiene and wash our hands often
  • Make choices with people more vulnerable than you in mind
  • Keep moving your body and try to take your training in open spaces – if you choose to still go to the gym make sure to bring  with you anti-bacterial wipes and clean each piece of equipment before and after you used them.
  • If you are working from home try to leave the house only for necessities (physical exercise count as one of those) and to walk as much as you can avoiding public transports
  • Up your intake of fruits and veggies – especially the ones which contain vitamin C, zinc and magnesium as they boost the immune system
  • Drink lots of water – even pimp it with electrolytes – I personally use NUUN
  • Avoid/restrict alcohol consumption
  • Avoid busy places and gatherings as much as you can – try to keep at least one meter distance between you and others who don’t share your living space
  • Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours per night)
  • Keep positive and take this time to be creative and do things that you have neglected for long – like reading a book, FaceTiming a friend, doing an online cooking course you name it. 
  • Meditate and do breathing exercises to control negative thoughts and anxiety level. Remember stress and anxiety lower your immune system too. 

I hope all of you are doing well and I hope all this can be over soon. I’ve written some reflection over on my Insta wall on things this Virus could be teaching us. 

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HOPE-FILLED WORDS 💓 In a society based on productivity and consumption, in which we all run 14+ hours a day, not knowing exactly why or for what; all of the sudden, this Virus has come and is forcing us to press the stop button. . Maybe we can learn some positive lessons. . . At a time when there is so much social discrepancy between rich and poor, between nations. We all can be affected, no matters the size of our bank accounts or what colour is our skin. . . At a time when the planet is struggling with real climate change issues, the factories – especially China – have to stop producing. The economy takes a toll but the planet can have a chance to breathe – even if we are wearing masks. . . At a time when we delegate the upbringing of our children to other people or institutions, all the schools are forced to close and we can rediscover what it means to be a family again. . . At a time when all relationships are on social media and we are forgetting the value of a hug, a hand shake, a kiss; now that we are asked to distance ourselves, we may realise how much we have taken them all for granted. . . At a time where we are very much focused on ourselves and our own success, we are forced to think about one another, to rely on each other and we rediscover the meaning of community. . . Maybe we can take this as an opportunity to stop and think. Maybe we should scale back our priorities and rediscover things that have been forgotten. Maybe there’s some positive lesson to be learned from all of this. . . Stay healthy x . . 📸 . . #covid19 #coronavirus #staypositive #stayhealthy #letsfightittogether #presspause #timeforreflection #community #unitedwearestronger #iorestoacasa #washyourhands #mindfulliving #stayhealthy #hopefilledwords #realtalk #positivemindpositivelife

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