We first sweated it out to power women Selena, Madonna, Sia, JLo, Riri, Beyoncé. (Check back next Tuesday to see the full playlist!) We loved seeing everyone laugh, sweat, and cry (for joy…) though  pushups and punches. You killed it ladies!

Then, Liha and Abby of Liha Beauty taught us how to make 100% natural custom scented body scrubs and creams. Have you ever wanted to make your own scent? We got to choose our own base, middle, and top notes to add to a dreamy base of shea, coconut, and sugar.

To make the scrub and cream, we first beat the shea butter and coconut oil until it was creamy. Here’s Liha detailing the many beneficial properties of shea butter.

We then sniffed and sniffed essential oils until we found our perfect blends of top, middle, and bottom notes.

Next, we added our essential oils our creamy coconut and shea emulsion.

Finally, we transferred our finished scrubs and creams into glass bottles. The amber glass protects the product better than clear glass because it counters the sun’s rays.

Many thanks to Abi and Liha, Sweaty Betty, Plenish, Mindful Chef, Fresh Fitness Food, and Happiness Planner for participating!

We had so much fun and can’t wait to see you at our next event on March 18! Stay tuned!